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 (request by 1ShockTherapy1)

Go for a walk in the woods your parents said...
It would be fun they said...
So tell me oh great universe... 
How in the hell.... 
Does being chased by some giant wolf looking...
Giant robot thing...

I guess I should explain, you... young adult and devilishly handsome (M/n) complete with a degree in engineering and mechanics, were kindly asked to take a long walk around outside in order to 'break out of your shell' as your parents so blankly put it and after a long 'talk' . Yea... Like you'd find anything interesting in the woods, oh how you were cursing now. Weaving through the undergrowth you were barley staying ahead of that... blue wolf looking thing, as it tore down the trees and smashed the small boulders into dust. 
"Get back here!" It yelled in frustration as the undergrowth was becoming dense and larger trees refused to budge to allow the chase to continue. Panting you lean against a tree stump as you glance back at the struggling creature.
"Why.... in the... hell... do you want... with me?" You asked between your breaths as the thing settled down slightly, although its glowing red eyes narrowed angrily.
"Bait." It growled as it slowly tried to manoeuvre its giant antlers out of the scrub. You were about to reply but the sound of multiple car engines were quickly approaching from behind you.
"Autobots." The thingamagig growled as it quickly freed itself and disappeared back into the thick forest as they became louder, you managed to find some cover as two vehicles pulled into view. Ducking down you listened intently as gears shifted and several voices started talking amongst themselves.
"What happened out here?" A male voice stated questionably as he scanned the surrounding area. 
"No clue, it might've been a Decepticon judging from all the destruction." A female voice answered, clearly making an assumption. 'So that thing was a desepticon? Mr Wolfy i recon.' You thought with a snicker as you slowly poked your head above the small bush where you were hiding with eyes narrowed, only to widen them in shock as two giant robots... were looking... straight at you... and for about three sweet seconds you stared at the yellow and white robots... and then it sorta went like this...

"SCRAP!" They yelled in sink and scattered back in shock, you however.... well you let out a long string of very colourful words as you started running away... again... yay for unwanted exercise... NOT!

Now my dear reader there are two choices to the following scene. You can ether
A) pretend that your an amazing runner and that you managed to nearly get away or,
B) you come clean and admit you may or may not have fallen face first into a small ditch... which ultimately lead to you dangling by your shirt in mid air.

"Easy there, we're not going to hurt you." The yellow one said in a calming voice as 'he'  held you at eye level with him. You stopped struggling and opted to just dangling there with your arms folded and your cheeks puffed out in frustration, seeing as they 'apparently' had no intention of harming you. The yellow one noticed your lack of struggling and set you down on the palm of his hand. "My name is Bumbelbee and this is Strongarm, (he gestured to the female robot gawking at you) whats yours?"
"(M/n)" you answered arms folded in a pout, if there was one thing you hated more than exercise, was being stuck in an uncomfortable position... this was on the top ten list of uncomfortable positions. 
"Well (M/n), can you tell us what happened here?"

-time skip cause your sassy ;) -

Several long months had followed your first meeting and you were now working for the junker Danny Clay, restoring the countless cars he had. There were lots of things to be done around here as it was and lately... it seemed like Strongarm was doing everything to avoid being alone with you and every time you approached her she'd start stuttering and make an excuse to get away which frankly wasn't sitting to well with anyone, especially you. Even now she's pretending your not there as she types away her report for something.
"Strongarm?... Stronnnnggggggggaaaaarrrrrrmmmmmm...." You had been nagging and poking her ankle for five minutes straight. If Sideswipe has taught you anything useful since you met him, its how to annoy the living crap out of Strongarm. 
"What!" She yells moving carefully as to stare down at you.
"Finally! A response!" You cheer sarcastically as you match her glare.
"Do you mind i'm trying to keep a record here."
"Do I mind? Not in the slightest if it gets your attention." You answer smugly while folding your arms in a small victory and the main evidence of your little jab was plastered on your face as she still glared at you, but this time you saw something different about her face. A small blue highlight was plastered on her faceplates, wait a minute! "Strongarm... are you... are you blushing?" You ask with a slightly shocked tone which she mirrored instantly. 
"What?! No!" She cried out a few seconds later.
"You hesitated." You droned out with an unimpressed look covering your features. "Look Strongarm, please tell me what's been bothering you so much that your completely ignoring me." Your voice was on a more pleading tone as you shuffled nervously. She slowly lowered her hand and carefully lifted you up and placed you on her shoulder and continued to type away.
"I'm not ignoring you on purpose (m/n), I... I just-"
"It's ok, just don't shut me out like that." You interrupt her as you snuggle into the crook of her neck.
"Umm, yea...sure thing." She chirped as she tried to concentrate on her work, one thing was for sure now. The long road ahead was going to be a very interesting journey, especially if you had any say in it.  


Finally! I have something to post! Yeassssssssss!

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately, i've been through a few big changes of the past few months and now I've finally been able to crack down and start writing again! I hope you guys like it :)

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Wow I didn't think i'd get more positive comments like yours, thanks. 
And do you mean more of this particular pairing or more transformers in general?
War-Wizard666 Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
I checked his favorites, so I believe it's a solid yes.
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Make another one plz make it a whole seties plz i want to see more. Plz plz plz
Seandelta90 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
War-Wizard666 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
That was cute. It actually scared me with the accuracy i would take a situation of meeting them (because i curse a lot).

I do recall it was every boy's dream to go on adventure with giant robots or mystical creatures, but to me it's better to be interloped with a guardian that protects you with her entire spark, and show's the compassion of your company the way you treated her to begin with.

and just to clarify, i was the one who requested this. Just started a new account. I already told you, but still.
Toxic-Awsomness Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Wow thanks for all this amazing feedback! 
War-Wizard666 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
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